Eversheds Sutherland Gender Pay: a complete solution for Gender Pay Gap compliance, insights and analytics

Our online solution helps you comply with Gender Pay Gap Reporting in the UK, understand the issues driving Gender Pay Gaps, calculate your organisation's statutory figures, analyse results and produce reports. Ahead of the next reporting deadline, we also help you run comparisons to better understand your workforce’s Gender Pay Gap challenges.

How it works

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1. Data collection and upload

Data upload is streamlined using a simple exportable data template, whilst a series of validation checks ensures your data set is complete and correctly formatted. You also have the ability to upload additional information including employee age, job level and tenure to help enhance your reporting and use the advanced analytics capability within the system.


2. Insights and analysis

Your organisation’s statutory figures are then calculated, producing instant analysis and reports. With advanced analytics you have the ability to evaluate the impact of factors such as job seniority, part time working hours, age and tenure to better understand the drivers causing your gender pay gap. In addition you can do comparative reporting over time or against external data.


3. Reporting and visualisations

The system will produce a standard narrative based on your data and embed this within an exportable, branded PDF report. The narrative is editable and you can choose from a number of reporting templates. You can repeat reporting and analysis as often as you wish with multiple data sets. Over-time this can help to track the progression of your GPG metrics.

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4. Consultation

Your Eversheds Sutherland contact will examine your reports and comparisons and provide a full consultative service including training, guidance on reporting, internal and external communications, root cause analysis, policy and strategy review, assessment of legal and reputational risk and practical action/implementation planning. We'll also remind you of important dates throughout the year, and ensure you are kept up to date and compliant with any legislative changes.

Still Unsure?

If you are unsure how the Eversheds Sutherland Gender Pay reporting solution can help your organisation please feel free to get in touch.

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